Tuesday, April 21, 2015

a new toy!

I was searching for craft projects I might do with Kiara when she is over.  I feel it is up to me to foster her creativity. (I have my own dear grandmother to thank for teaching me all the "womanly arts"- knitting, crocheting and sewing, etc.)

So in my wandering around I found this project called a "flextangle".  I don't know if Kiara will be interested in it, but I just HAD to try it!

This is the template all decorated with zentangle. 

After folding and gluing it looks like this.
  You rotate the sides to get a different kaleidoscope on each side!

 Isn't that fun???

The zentangle one was my first impulse but to make it look like something she would want t try, I also did one with colored sharpies

If you have a child who might be interested, it doesn't take that long.  And I just used a glue stick, so you don't need the glue they show.
Have fun!!

Earth day is tomorrow.  In the 45 years since it began a lot has changed.  But there is still more to do.  Never forget that every little bit helps!

I am grateful for:
A cornstalk sword fight with Kiara
Crockpot cooking
Getting the serger to work passably well again
Giving up  perfection in favor of finishing
Color in the world again!

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  1. I love reading your blog Mattie! I don't get much time to do it lately but still enjoy..thanks for sharing.