Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm officially "Oma" now!!!

Jonathan kept us waiting, but made his grand entrance last Thursday!! 
It happened in the wee hours of the morning, so I woke up to find this picture waiting for me in a text message (Isn't modern technology a wonderful things?!!!)

Every time I look at this picture of MY baby holding HIS baby, I get tears in my eyes.

Big sister, Kiara, had spent the night with us.  So before she went to school, we went to meet her baby brother.  When we got there, the doctor and nurses were looking him over. So we had to wait a little while longer. 

 He picked his head up and tried to see where the heck he is!

Every moment was worth recording!

Kiara won the "who gets to hold the baby first" contest.

 And finally it was my turn!!!

Grampa got a little mushy, too, when he got a turn.  :-)

Mom had brought the little hat I made him in her hospital bag, so when we realized he was near the AC vent, on it went!

Now the hard part is not going to see him every day!!! (I've joked about being Marie Barone, but don't want it to become true!)

I am grateful for:
Jonathan, and his mommy! (she has sent me a picture every day so far!)

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