Thursday, May 28, 2015

Linwood Gardens

 A friend of Lucas' lives adjacent to, and has worked at Linwood Gardens.  He invited Lucas and a couple of other families to come out during the Tree Peony festival of flowers for a tour.  Lucas was kind enough to let Al and I tag along!

It is simply a beautiful estate and well worth the drive if you get the chance- this is the last weekend of the festival (May 30 - 31)

We started our tour at the Gratwick Manor.

There are some lovely architectural details in the house. 
 And some of the original furniture is still there.  You don't see many pieces like this anymore!

I was very intrigued by all of the rusty old metal decorations around the house and grounds. 


My family was very patient while I took all the goofy pictures I take at places like this.  Even Cait's big, baggy hoodie can't conceal that we are still waiting for the baby to decide it's time to meet all of us.  :-)

The back view of the manor.

And then it was out to the vast grounds to enjoy the gardens. 

My favorite is the "Italian Garden"!

This path led back out to the main grounds.  I was happy to be the last one through and get this shot. 
This door was at the edge of what used to be an extensive vegetable garden, now being transformed into an orchard.  Looks like something straight out of "the Shire", doesn't it?

This tree looks like something Jim Henson created.  It's easy to see at times where artists get their inspiration.

Inside the small chapel at the back of the estate, I spotted a swallow's nest, with babies patiently waiting for us to leave so momma would bring some bugs!

It's a beautiful place. It's interesting to imagine the place as it was 100 years ago, with people swimming in the old pool, playing tennis on the grass court, walking with parasols through the gardens...

And, of course, enjoying the tree peony blooms......

I think this rosey/peach shade is my favorite.

We got a notice the other day of an e-waste collection event near us, sponsored by our state senator.  Check to see if there is one near you!  Remember, most of these items contain harmful chemicals in their components- largely Mercury.  So they MUST be disposed of properly!

I am grateful for:
Lower Humidity and natural air conditioning (a storm rolled through last night and cooled things down just before bedtime)
Reconnecting with long lost family
Shady spots in my yard where I can sit and enjoy a warm (almost) summer evening
That new (to me) flavor of Ben and Jerry's
A few days to myself

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