Tuesday, June 23, 2015

So far in the garden....

I have been trying to get a gardening post done for a very long time.  For some reason, it gets put off every time.  So I'm giving up.  Here are some scenes from the gardens this year.....

Along the walkway in mid-May. It's a constant battle for supremacy between the ajuga and the dead nettles!

The Candytuft is creeping out into the walkway again.

Apparently it wants to be creeping phlox.
The bumbles love the ajuga.

The Solomon's seal is getting kind of crowded again.

The houseplants moved outside early this year.

Just a few days after I had been weeding in this very spot, we discovered baby bunnies.  They were nice enough to pose for a picture!

See the wire thing in the picture above?  It's just above the pink flowers to the left of the steps below.  We use that door every day- many times. 

I added a new poppy to the garden this year.  I've wanted one thos color for years.

My favorites, the lupines, did very well this spring!

The front walkway in early June. The pink is a dianthus I am going to have to try and get control over somehow.  (let me know if you want some!)

I have finally gotten the foxglove to spread!

Scottish moss in bloom. 

I spend most of my gardening time trying to keep up with the weeds!  But if not for the gardens, I would probably not spend much time outside.  We wait for the warm weather so long, it would be a shame  not to enjoy it!

I found some good news, related to climate change!  Maybe there IS hope.....

I am grateful for....
Baby cuddling time!
Cool nights so I can sleep with the windows open rather than the rumble of the air conditioner.
The opportunity to give Marigold a chance.
Working together to make something beautiful.
The music of James Horner- now gone too soon.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing your garden. We like some of the same plants. :-)