Friday, February 12, 2016

Free to a good (or any) home!

I was going through pictures of older quilts the other day to find stuff to post on Facebook. 
**There's an ongoing challenge for people to post one quilt a day for 7 days and nominate another quilter to join.  It has filled my newsfeed with beauty the last week or two!  (a welcome break from politics!)

So, in the process, I came across these two pieces  that I hadn't seen in years.  Made me wonder what I did with them. So I started digging through the storage areas, and there they were- in the Bin of Unloved Quilts. 
I've mentioned my "gallery" before- where I hang seasonal quilts throughout the year.  These have never made it into the rotation.  Nor have I found anyone for whom I thought they would be a nice gift!  So I need to find them another home- in an effort to reduce the amount of crap my kids will look at after I have died and say, "Now, what are we supposed to do with THIS?" 

This one was a quickie entry for the "garden" challenge at the Guild many years ago.  I called in Octopus' Garden.  (Don't look, there's no Octopus)  I was just playing with the fabrics and learning some embellishment techniques. (beading through fusible is no fun) And new to machine quilting. 

This piece was made (begun) at an ArtCGirlz meeting.  Kathi either took the "instant art quilt" class by Ellen Lindner, or saw it discussed on another group.  So she shared it with us!  Basically you take one of those lovely hand-dyed fabrics, and tear it into smaller pieces, then lay them out anyway you like, until it speaks to you.  The fabric I started with was one I had painted, but it didn't come out as I had hoped.  So I cut it up.  It didn't really speak to me, but for some reason, the blue at the bottom looked like roots.  So I added the bits of blue here and there, then thread sketched over the whole thing.  My vision was a plant growing out of a stone wall.
First I didn't like it, then I did, but I just don't hang it up. So it lives in the bin.

Both would love to go somewhere they would be appreciated.  But how do I find them homes?  I don't have enough for an etsy shop.  They aren't the kind of thing a gallery would hang for sale.  I'm not even sure they'd sell at the guild boutique at our show.  So- pass the word to anyone you know who might know someone.  Just post a comment saying you'd like one, and they're yours- free!

It's not my imagination- there are toxic substances in fragrances.  And they aren't required to TELL us anything about them.  Seriously????

I am grateful for:
My tummy is better this week (for now)
Hearing Jonathan laugh out loud.
A shoulder to cry on.
Retreat is only 12 days away!
The other 3 kittens seem to be fine.

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