Sunday, February 21, 2016

Good timing?

So, winter arrived for real this week.  Above is what it looked like around the time I should have left for work.  The plows had not been by my house, so I stayed home.

This is what it looked like around the time I would have come home from work.

It took hubby over 2 hours to clear the driveway.  I think the snowblower is 24 inches high.

I think I made the right choice to stay home!

Crossing something off my UFO list, I finished this project last  weekend.  I started in in January of 2015, and forgot all about it until I couldn't find it to hang last month.    The pattern is called "Out on a Limb" - by Wendy Butler Berns.
I had to swap out on section, which is probably why it didn't get finished last year. 
The fabric in the center, with the trees, had the glitter on it already.  I added a layer of sparkle netting to the next section, then added crystals and glitter to the border, so the whole thing sparkles like fresh snow on a sunny day.
I also thread painted frost on the tree branches using a wonderful silk metallic thread by YLI.
 So, I got it done just in time for the arrival of winter, but just a bit late to hang in January- or VERY early?  It's all in the timing.

Here is a small ray of hope in the movement to restore the monarch butterfly's habitat.  Personally, I think not mowing and/ or spraying every inch of the side of the road would make a huge difference.  But the  roadside destruction committees continue to destroy anything in their "right of way"- you know that section of YOUR land that you have no say in how it is maintained???

I am grateful for:
Meditation giving me a little clarity- even if I cannot find a solution.
Getting to go to half of the Guild meeting.
The support of co-workers.
Spending some time with the extended family.
Having the sense to stay home when the storm hit Tuesday.

(Finally!- It has taken me three tries over four days to finish this post!)

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