Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Baggy Weekend

 It was chilly this weekend.  ( But sunny, and I  really should have been in the garden!)  So I stayed inside and did some sewing.
I was given this great bag, by Maruca, as a gift quite a few years ago.  I love it (except for the very skinny strap) and wanted to replicate it. 

I've used this as a pattern before, but couldn't find the tissue paper tracing I had made. So I started over, using that pellon stuff with the (in theory only!) one inch grid printed on it. It's sturdier than tissue anyway.

Some of the members of my online quilting group may recognize this fabric as a gift we got at our retreat in Seattle ( I think)

I cut out the pieces from the outer fabric, pinned them to batting and quilted them.  The lining pieces are muslin.

And here's the bag. It has two roomy outer pockets and one small pocket inside.

The bag fabrics were just samples or remnants, so there wasn't enough for the strap.  I found a stripe in my stash that looked pretty good- and made the strap 1 inch wide for comfort!

I had some pieces left over, so I made this little key chain wallet, using this pattern, by Susie Shore designs.  I made one to test the pattern before our vacation, and made some changes to this one.  I'll do the next one different again.

It opens up to reveal a credit card pocket and a larger pocket at the bottom.  In the pattern, it is a zippered change pocket.  I almost never have change, so I left the zipper off which gives me a place for secure credit card storage, or my headphones!

So, then, I made this quilt

(Based on this work by Victor Vasarely)

Into a duffel (Is it duffel, or duffle???)  bag to use as a carry on next time I fly.

I made the only "Leftover" piece into a pocket!

 I used instructions I found here- which fit the size of my quilt almost perfectly!
I used the quilt label for an inner pocket.
It's nice and roomy, so will also be big enough to use for day trips, or overnights!  The best part is, I know no one is going to steal it- whether because it would be too easy to spot, or simply because it's weird.  (You can say ugly, if you want to.)

I'm still nagging about carrying your empty drink bottles home for recycling. I read recently that the average American creates 4.3 pounds of waste a day, but recycles or composts only 1.8 pounds of that- even though much more is recyclable!  Check out some other recycling facts.
 We are such a throw away society, accustomed to just leaving garbage everywhere.  That mindset has to change!  If you carry it in, carry it out and recycle it!!!

I am grateful for:
The gift of regular visits with Jonathan.
Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
A play day with my BFF
Some sewing time
I already had a couple of Prince's best albums, and listening to them made me less sad.

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