Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring gardening enthusiasm!!!

The first warm and wonderful days of spring came over the weekend.  So I spent two wonderful days doing the backbreaking and sometimes impossible job of cleaning the gardens in preparation for the glorious season to come.  (I have the damaged fingers and sunburn to prove it!)

   I have LOTS of bulbs planted all over, so I get early color in almost every corner of the "grounds".

Sadly, we had a late snow/ freeze, so any that tried to come out early look like this

 My pink Helebore is getting so big I will have to divide it soon.   The flowers are so beautiful, I'm sure I'll enjoy them anywhere I can find a spot for them.

 These are called scilla. I love the bright blue; I wish I could find some summer flowers in the same shade!
 I've forgotten the name of these at the moment. 

 The snow glories and early daffodils look like a bouquet in the "lawn"

 This bed is the next excavation project, obviously.  Grass roots are evil and insidious and impossible to remove.  (so when I hear of a grassroots organization, I am not going to support them!)

So this is my Earth Day post.  Get out and enjoy nature.  Learn to appreciate the gifts we have been given to enjoy on this planet.  And remember- there will be NO jobs when there is no air to breathe!!!

I am grateful for:
Any time I can spend with the kids.
I have two sweet kittens in my nursery to play with.
A friend who wanted me to come keep her company at work.
An excuse to make cheesecake brownies.
Sunshine and having the house windows open.

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