Friday, May 27, 2016

Flipping raccoon!!!

Last night I caught the damned raccoon right up on my porch!!  I made loud noises and scared him away, but he came back at some point.  How do I know?  There are muddy footprints all over the deck and the nest of baby spiders I was trying hard not to step on is gone.  And that soft spot in the garden is dug up again.

 I'm _this_ close to loading the shotgun and sitting in the window waiting for him.  I wonder if spraying him with water would work. (My aunt used to shoot the bears getting into her bird feeder in the Adirondacks with a water gun!)
The fact that they are known to carry diseases means I should be out there mopping the deck with bleach water every day- because I don't have enough to do around the house already!  Uch!!

*****UPDATE ****
6/15/16- We borrowed a live trap from a friend who, for his own reasons, doesn't mind having more raccoons on his land.  So far, we have relocated 7 of the little beasties.  Let's hope this family is the only group who thinks my gardens are their personal playground!

Meanwhile, on my way home from a doctor's appointment yesterday, I stopped to look for more sparkly stuff for my Opulent Ornaments.  Look what AC Moore had!!!

 I can't wait to find places for them!!

This is not the nest of babies I found on my deck, obviously.  I weeded around these guys a couple of days ago in the perennial bed.  I just thought I'd share what a nest of babies looks like.  They are already weaving tiny webs, and will be gone in a few days, especially if it gets windy.  They aren't hurting me, and may even remove pests from my garden!!  Plus, on dewy mornings, their webs are beautiful!
I used to hate spiders- like most girls do- but I have learned to appreciate them.

I am grateful for:
A few days of solitude
Grilled cheese on a croissant
Taking the first step
The self-study is finished and submitted
The kittens are doing better!!!

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