Tuesday, May 17, 2016

what I did last week...

The last week and a half has been filled with grandchildren, gardening, kittens, more grandchildren, and even some sewing/ creative time!!!

(Today Blogger is not playing nice, so apologies for the spacing in advance!)

It started last Monday when I got to have a nice visit with Jonathan!  Isn't he awesome?!!
He found Grampa's remote pockets and decided they were telephones!  He's past walking to almost running, but likes to be up where he can point and explore and touch things beyond his reach.

Then on Wednesday, someone had brought in a batch of tiny kittens, needing help to learn what solid food is.  I have been wishing for tiny kittens, but would have preferred mom was here to do this job.  
Thank goodness I have expert help!  Kiara came over to help me get the nursery set up for the babies.  They like to cuddle in a kitten pile!
 They need to be fed at least three times a day, which involves watching them walk through a dish of kitten mush, then cleaning their faces and feets before the mush gets tracked all over the room (and all over me!)  Then they all climb on me for momma time where I "groom" them the way mom would, and let them play on me.  Then I try to clean the litter pan, and food dishes so I can reload the crate until the next feeding.  They have to be in the crate until I'm sure they are finding the litter pan every time. 
I never knew how much work this part was!!  One of the volunteers at the shelter does it almost all the time with more than 5 babies!  She is now my absolute hero!

On Friday, I ran a few of  my usual errands, ran home, fed the kittens, changed my clothes and we dashed off to Wellsville to see Amy play her last regular season softball games.   Where have the years gone, and how did she get to be a senior?

The weekend was cold and rainy/ snowy. (Yes, we had snow on Sunday!)  So I stayed in and tried to finish up some projects. 

  I'm still playing with beaded balls.  This one uses an old Amy Butler fabric.  It's a much different palette than I usually use, but I had fun finding ways to make it sparkle.

 I got this panel and coordinates a year ago, but decided it would be a nice first birthday gift.  Hopefully Jonathan's parents don't mind me filling their house with quilts.  Mine is already overflowing.

I like having a bag like this for day trips- I can carry the necessities without a lot of strain on my shoulder, and my hands are free.  The old one I had was getting a bit worn, so I made a new one for my upcoming trip to visit Guy in Portland.

(Doesn't it look nice with Edith's sweater?)

Sunday Kiara came over, and we did the sharpie tie dye thing on some t-shirts.  I used too much purple, and she didn't get the whole"Keep the design simple" thing.  But we had fun doing it. 
Then she discovered the old steamer trunk in my dining room.  It not only holds holiday linens, but a collection of very old clothing. (When I asked for the trunk, my family said you have to take the contents.  I was fine with that!)

I've worn this outfit a couple of times on Halloween- most recently as Mary Poppins.
 The pink doesn't go, but the dress wouldn't stay up without an under layer.  My great aunt wore this dress for some fancy occasion.  It was always my favorite, too!

So, I had to come back to work to catch my breath!  You can bet some hungry kittens will be mewing loudly when I get home, though!

I sort of shamed a friend the other day who tossed a soda can into the trash when there were recycle bins nearby.  It's never my intention to make recycling a negative thing to be endured, so I feel bad that happened.  However, I do feel that the average American sees it as a burden to dispose of things responsibly- or better yet, not create waste.  That is the mindset I keep talking about changing.  Just as a penny can become millions of dollars, so can one small act every day change the world. I'm going to keep saying it until I see habits change.  You've been warned. :-)

I am grateful for:
35 years with a very patient, tolerant and wonderful man.
Kids to play with- both human and feline.
Sewing time!!
The DVR and movies on DVD.
Fresh wild asparagus for my hunny!

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