Thursday, July 14, 2016

When patterns fail

So yesterday I had an hour or so of free time before going to the shelter.  As I have mentioned it is not a good gardening year, plus yesterday was the hottest day we've had in years- so I wasn't going outside until I had to! Recently I've been cutting out some new summer clothes since it looks like they are going to get plenty of use this year.  (plus I'm just tired of the old ones!)  So I dug out a pattern and fabric I got several years ago for a very fun looking skirt.

The fabrics are by Art Gallery, and are the softest cottons since Liberty of London!
The pattern is one I picked up somewhere along the line- either at one of the major shows, or from a magazine ad.  Note it says you can use fat quarters?  I bought the collection of fabrics in a half yard pack, and figured they would be perfect.  They have been waiting and waiting until yesterday.  That's when I found yet another designer who thinks fat quarters are bigger than they really are.  Needless to say this is not the first time I have had this problem- and not only with a garment pattern.  18 x 22 isn't very big. And many of them aren't even 22 inches wide!
Check out the picture from the fabric layout page:
Umm, how do you even produce a pattern saying to use fat quarters then use a picture showing you're lying???  I was not happy- that I now have to find a new pattern, or use for the fabrics, but mostly because I wasted my precious sewing time trying to follow the worthless directions!!  I went to the designer's website and told her my experience.  I'm sure she'll tell me I did it wrong.  sigh.

Meanwhile, I finally finished another page in my coloring calendar.

I haven't done much coloring since I started making the ornaments, and really enjoyed getting back to it.  I have to get better at backgrounds, though.

I did this one at work one day when I had no work and no boss. 
I had only my cheap dollar store pencils in 12 colors, but made the best of it.

I had only a few comments on last week's entry and one didn't want to be in the drawing as she is making her own ornament and needs the incentive to finish.  :-)  So both of the other ladies will get an ornament!  Like I said before- the fun for me is making them!  Although seeing a picture of Paula surrounded by them made me "need" a lot more than I have.

No long rant or advice this time.  Just this quote:

We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to."
— Terri Swearingen

I am grateful for:
Air conditioning!
A bit of rain.
I got to see my tiny kittens again as "grown-ups" before they were adopted.
Kiara believing in magic.
Jonathan's joy over the tiniest things.

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