Tuesday, July 5, 2016

When it's too hot outside...

Summer is in full swing here in western New York.  In fact, it seems it has been summer for a very long time already, as it has been hot -off and on- and very dry here since May!
I don't tolerate heat well at all anymore (if I ever did), so once it gets near 80 outside, I go in!  Lucky for me, I always have something to do inside!

I may have mentioned the guild's biennial quilt show is this October.  I haven't registered any quilts yet, since I don't know how many of the unfinished ones I might stand a chance of finishing by the turn in date!  (I know this year they won't be asking me to withdraw anything because I entered too many!)
I'm happy to say I have one ready- only 4 years late!!  This is called "Jack (in the pulpit) in (One Block) Wonderland)"  The fabric is from the "Sunshine and Shadows" collection by Jane Sassaman.

I had thought of doing a wondrous free motion quilting design using the jack in the pulpit from the original fabric.  But, in the interest of finishing it, I used the Daisy Chain design I found at thequiltingboard.com.
I think it shows better on the back.

For the border, I found a complimentary design at The Inbox Jaunt.  As you can see, I hadn't washed the blue marker out before I took this one.  You can also see the faux piped binding I did.  LOVE this technique!

I am still hooked on the Opulent Ornaments! 
 I found a fun green batik with concentric dots, and used several colors of green beads and sparkly stuff to embellish it.  This is on a 5 inch ball.

I loved the medallion fabric I started with, so I got some more of the 2 or 3 inch balls to do some more with that one.   On this one, I decided to try using bugle beads.  The pattern suggests using staples, but they are too short to stay in the foam.  So I used beading wire.  Kind of labor intensive. 

 I've discovered it's much easier to use either a different part of the fabric, or something plain around the "equator".  Once again my sparkly stuff comes in very handy!



I really need to find the right light for photographing these, as they look kind of dull here. 

I'm interested to know who -how many people- read(s) my blog.  So I'm going to give one of these beauties away.  Just leave a comment.  I'll have hubby or Kiara draw a name for me.  You have a week. 

In case you missed it, there was a small bit of good news regarding our climate last week! The hole in the ozone is healing!  Remember when we all had to stop using aerosol deodorant and such?  This is why- and it proves that we CAN make changes if we really want to save this planet. 

I am grateful for:
The recent cool night we've had so I can sleep with the windows open!
A day with Kiara.
Sewing time!
How very sweet the formerly hissy kitten is!
The new raccoons aren't causing as much damage- so far.


  1. Beautiful ornaments. Love the quilt too!

  2. Your One Block Wonder is beautiful! I still plan on making at least 1 more. I appreciate you shating the link to the Quilting Board that has the quiltimg ideas for One Block Wonder. The ornaments are stunning too!

  3. I read your blog...and always enjoy keeping track of you! ;-)