Friday, August 12, 2016

How dry is it?

When I was a kid, I loved the afternoon game shows, especially "Match Game".  They had a lot of questions about poor "Dumb Dora".  The audience always asked "How dumb is she?"
So when I said to myself it is so dry- I immediately heard a chorus of "How dry is it?"

Anyway, here is how dry it is here this year.  As of today, our area has a 7 inch rain deficit since March, with 92% of the state in some degree of drought.  Our area (western NY) has been in a severe drought for over a month.  I have never seen it this dry.  Needless to say gardening has been an exercise in futility this year.

 I was surprised to find any of the morning glories had survived. They are self-seeded from last year.  Usually the trellis and birdhouse are covered at this point.

The poor Rudbeckia.  It has pretty shallow roots, but is normally one of the bright spots in dreary August days in the garden. 

 One plant doing well is the Grey-headed Coneflower.  I planted it near this tree since it grows so tall.  My hope was the tree would protect it from the wind.

My pots haven't done much better, with the sun baking them every day.  I have been trying to be grateful that I haven't had to weed very much.  But mostly I'm just ready for summer to be over.  Gardeners- like farmers- can always hope the next year will be better.

For other gardeners- here's a reminder of how to water and still conserve water.  (I'm on a well, so don't use the hose to water ever)
First- if you hand wash your dishes, dip the water out of the sink, let it cool and use it in the garden.  It might even keep some of the bugs off your plants. 
Second, bring a bucket with you in the shower.  Just let it collect the water while you let it heat up, or while you're lathering.  I can get 2 or 3 gallons since it takes forever for the hot water to get upstairs!  Every little bit helps!!

I am grateful for:
Being able to share an unpleasant task with friends and laugh about it.  (the ones who know will get it)
Being able to sleep at night. (I didn't want to say air-conditioning again)
I caught my mistake in time.
Cookie dough!
Easy washer repair.

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