Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Not much sewing time, and I couldn't be happier!

 My major accomplishments in the last week - in terms of things I have something to show for my time- were that I finished coloring the September calendar page (I realized I had fallen far behind and better get going.  Kind of silly since it's a 2016 calendar, but I have a plan)- from Johanna Basford's Secret Garden.  My backgrounds don't photograph well. 

 And I finally got the last shy kitten to stop hiding from me.  (He's in the back of this picture, though).  They are going in to the shelter this week.

the bright green stripe is pale blue in some light
The rest of my free time was spent with the kids, which is a wonderful way to spend your time! 

Last Monday we went to the National Museum of Play in Rochester.  I was just thrilled that they invited me along, since I have been wanting to go.
Our first stop there was the butterfly garden, which was one of Kiara's favorite parts after she visited on a school trip last spring.
The butterflies land all over you as you walk!

The rest of the museum is filled with different areas and exhibits- almost too much to see in one day! 
One section has science stuff, including this giant kaleidoscope.  

 I think the story books section was my favorite. 

Then, on Saturday, I spent a few hours with Jonathan while mom went out for a girls day with her mom!
 Isn't he gorgeous!?

Yesterday, for a last bit of summer fun before school starts next week, Mom, Dad and Kiara went to Darien Lake amusement park.  So I got another day with him.  He is a very busy little boy, because there is just so much he has to do! 
See the kitty?
Where'd it go???

That's where Oma's glasses go, I guess.

 So, I don't care if the weeds are growing, or the quilts aren't finished.  He'll only be this little for a short time, and I plan to enjoy every minute I can get with him.  I often think of this old song when I'm with the kids.

I also wonder what kind of world they will live in, unfortunately.  I have to have hope, so I am happy to read news like this.  We cannot take any steps backward now!  This is the one issue that supersedes all others when we vote.  It has to be.  You can't drink or breathe jobs, guns, health insurance or anything else that "they" want you to believe is important. 

I am grateful for:
Having the kids so close.
Having my priorities right.
A little sewing time was nice, though.
A chilly night at last- and maybe some cooler days!
Keeping in touch.

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