Friday, April 7, 2017

April UFOs

I've had NO creative time in the past week or so.  No, I guess I have had creative time...

I went to a quilt show last weekend and found some inspiration.  I hesitated to post these, since I didn't get the makers' names.  They are members of the Riverlea quilt guild in North Tonawanda, NY

LOVE the quilting on this one!

Great use of quilting to continue the star design into the blank space.

The quilting in the center of this one uses threads matching the colors in the blocks!

 I have done some knitting.  I've moved a few things around in the sewing room.  I've auditioned fabrics.  I just don't have much to show for my time, and I haven't sewed at all.

I did get out the projects whose numbers came up in the UFO challenge this month.
Number 11 is this Scrap Therapy quilt top I have been hoping to finish for several years.  As usual, the issue is I don't know how I want to quilt it.  But I am just going to layer it this weekend- if time allows- and figure it out when I put it under the needle.   A few years ago, I made a wall hanging with an extra block, and did a poinsettia in the star.  I don't think I'll do that again.  I did buy some dark red thread to use. 

UFO number 16 is another one begun as a teaching sample way back when.  The pattern is called Four Patch Stacked Posies.  It's kind of a stack and whack, obviously.  And, like most of this type of pattern, it can be addictive. 
 These are the blocks I got from the fabric.  It's a small repeat, however. That means the blocks are small (about 5 inches square)...

...and you don't get very many from one set. I have 28 blocks.  I need more to make it a decent sized baby quilt, unless I use the original in between.  So there may not be any progress on this one. Again. 

I got this fabulous sock yarn from the yarn truck vending at the quilt show.  It's like a mobile yarn shop!  What a great idea.  So I also need to finish some knitting projects so I can start this pair of socks.  

I admit it- I'm a water waster.  I have a pretty reliable well, not public water.  It has a funny taste that I am used to, and tends to turn white clothes orange if I'm not careful in the laundry.  So if I'm in the mood for a nice long, hot shower, I take it- just standing there letting the water warm me through to my bones.  Or if it's really hot in the summer, I can go for a few laps in the shower to cool off.  I'm lucky. 
Clean water may become the next commodity nations will go to war over, should climate change continue unabated.  I became more aware of this when the power was out for a few days after a storm.  I keep jugs of water on hand in case of power outages, because the pump won't run.  But the supply of drinking water was a concern after the first couple of days. (It never occurred to me that we might be without electricity for more 70 hours) The water I save is just tap water in old milk jugs, so bacteria growth is a concern.  I'll use it for coffee or tea since I have to boil that first.  Can you imagine a world where the water supply might all be contaminated by flood water? Or where it has to be trucked across the country due to droughts?  And even the Great lakes water might not be usable if the EPA is dismantled.  Just food for thought.

I am grateful for:
I finally got to see Wicked!
It's a quiet week at work, since I have cold.
Time spent with my BFF
I have foster kittens to cuddle!
Sleeping well, when it happens

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  1. I finally got over here to catch up on reading your blog! I always enjoy seeing the photos and reading your posts. :-)