Tuesday, August 14, 2018

In between doctor's appointments

 I've been trying to get this post written for a week and a half!  Today I had an appointment early for a wellness check for my cat, then later I have an appointment with one of the "ologists" I get to visit routinely.  (It has been a busy month for that- a sure sign of the fact I'm getting old!)  Plus it's my day to run my errands, grocery shop, etc.  So there's not enough time to start any big projects.  It's raining, so I can't work in the yard.  Hurray for "found" time!

So, since I last wrote, here's what I've been up to.....

July ended with this little family coming to stay at my house.  Mom cat is every bit as scared as she looks- even after almost three weeks.  Poor thing. 

I finished another pair of socks to sell at the quilt show boutique in October. I think this colorway was called rainforest. I love the random designs this kind of yarn makes !

Have I mentioned my little chalkboard at work?  I started doing a doodle as a way to entertain the people who pass by y desk.   Only a few stop to ask me about it, but they all take a look as they pass.
This one was an easy one for Wes Craven's birthday.  Some are not as successful.  It's a 2 x 3 inch board, so I'm limited on the details I can draw with chalk!

 Last week I repotted my very spiny cactus.  If you've never done this, a word of advice, fold some paper, like this brown paper bag, to securely and safely lift the cactus from the old pot and hold it in position in the new pot.  A chopstick helped me get the dirt in around the edges of the plant. I hope he's more comfortable in his new pot!  I have others with more, but shorter, spines to do next.  

I finished piecing the top for my new quilt and layered it last weekend.  My dining room was just big enough for it! 

As always, my expert assistant was right there to lend a hand, er, paw.   If nothing else, she keeps the layers in place so I can pin.  The fact that she wants to play with the pin anchors just makes the process more of an adventure.  

This will be the biggest quilt I have ever quilted myself.   I plan to use the straight lines in this vintage quilt as my inspiration for the quilting.  I'm hoping by doing it this way, I can do each block (quadrant) separately, making the bulk of the quilt less of an issue.  I hope!

According to Al Gore, the current administration hasn't done as much damage as he had feared.  I suppose the good news is that we are resisting, making our voices heard and not allowing the worst to happen.  It hasn't stopped them from trying, so we have to keep putting the pressure on! 

I am grateful for:
Some good sewing time. 
Adorable kittens.
Sharknado week on SyFy!
Guy and Anna got married!

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