Thursday, June 3, 2010


Coming up with the title has me stymied this time. There really isn't a topic. But since I'm posting pictures of flowers- and things that look like flowers....

The high point of last weekend was the sew along we had at Mt Pleasant. Kathi posted a picture of us getting silly on her blog. I got the rest of my hexagons put together and started to play with them on the design wall. This is what they look like at the moment. I need to rearrange a bit so I can add another row- and get more green in the one corner. The design part of One Block Wonders is the most fun- and most frustrating- part. I always think I can make it a little bit better.

In the garden, I was able to get a nice picture of the baby birds! Remember that single egg? Well, there ended up being four of them, and the babies hatched Monday or Tuesday. They will be "Chipping Sparrows" when they grow up. The nest is maybe 3 1/2 inches across. I still want to know how those birds were in those tiny little eggs!

Out front, the California Poppies have started to blossom. They self-seed- almost to the point of being invasive. But they are so pretty I can't bear to pull them up. A couple of years ago, a momma bunny set up housekeeping among them. Imagine my surprise when weeding and something moved under my hand! Would you have guessed it was bunnies?? me, neither.

The last bloom I will share this week is the nearly completed quilt the members of the small art quilt group has been working on. The flower is called a "convolvulous", and I grow them in my gardens. The petals are finally all made and are ready to be attached to the background quilt. It seems a shame to cover up Elaine's beautiful quilting!

I am grateful for:
Friends to play with who at least seem to tolerate me acting childish at times.
Occasional uninterrupted periods of sewing time.
Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter sauce on it.
Cold beer
The sun sparkling through the leaves when I lay on the hammock

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  1. I love that flower. As for blooming- I dumped all my seedlings into the compost and will order sod for the garden.
    This is what happens when I have to till a first time garden by hand myself and I hurt my back. It did not get finished and I could not handle the guilt of looking at the desperate babies on window sill, over a foot tall and still in peat discs.` Please forgive me.
    Maybe next year...