Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too Busy!!!

I have had almost no time for creative endeavors the last week or so. I did get some quilting done on an art quilt I've been working on in fits and starts for nearly three years! I hope to have it done in time to finally enter it for the Quilts = Art = Quilts show this fall. Just being accepted would feel like winning the biggest prize ever! I am also working on a sample for the quilt shop using paintstiks. I'll be teaching a basics class next week. Hopefully next time I'll have pictures to share.

Most of last weekend was spent watching my step granddaughter play softball. They WON the tournament, so it was all very fun to watch. ( I haven't found baseball this exciting since the Mets won the series in 1969!)
Amy and her Dad are the ones on the far left. She's the strike out queen!

I spent a short time sitting on the porch watching the clouds one evening. This thunderhead was just amazing. As I watched it, lightning flashed across the surface of the cloud and I could hear distant rumbles of thunder.

Otherwise it was pretty much pulling weeds, watering the pots, trying to keep cool on the muggy days we've been getting -even a little housework. (when the floor is crunchy, it's time to sweep)

This week has been more of the same. I did go see the Nancy Crow exhibit at the Schweinfurth Gallery in Auburn yesterday. (same place as Q=A=Q) I admit she hasn't been among my favorite quilters, until recently, but seeing her work up close like that was just inspiring!

I am grateful for:
My very best friend, who loves me anyway.
Bright colors
Some of the flowers I grew from seed are starting to blossom
Sock knitting is portable
Having something my husband and I can enjoy together

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