Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fabric painting

Last Saturday, a group of ladies from the Guild took a class with Barbara Murak. She is a great teacher and a very giving and generous person! She encouraged each of us to try all of her techniques, ensuring us that we can do it! She inspired us all to play, have fun, and find our inner artist. This is one of her fabulous landscapes. I so want to be able to do this technique.
My first attempt is not what I would call a success, however. The green I put on to be trees, looks more like smoke rising off the trees. I noticed at one point it kind of looks like aurora borealis, so maybe a piece called "Arborealis" is coming???

I really love the stripe I did, though, and am looking forward to trying it again very soon!

I finished my self portrait in time to be able to add it to the show the art group is doing. I used this silly picture , since I was keeping things simple on my first portrait style piece. next time it will be a glimpse inside. (sounds yucky, right?)

I have decided this is the final arrangement for my one block wonder. Once again, I have my seams running across the quilt instead of from top to bottom. Not that it's wrong, but as a sort of compulsive person, it bothers me a little. (not enough to "fix" it!)

In the gardens this week, I was thrilled to find this gorgeous Iris blossomed. I moved some of the iris after they blossomed last year, and just knew this one had ended up way out near the road, rather than in the bed near the house. The wind broke it off the very next day. :-(

Our baby birds are growing very quickly! This was taken a week after they hatched! I think by next week, they will be nearly ready to leave the nest. I will not bother them again as I don't want them to hop out of the nest where my cat might find them!

I am grateful for:
A glorious sunrise yesterday morning
The way the swallows fly over the wheat fields to catch bugs
Peaceful music
A nice chat with my son
Sleeping under a quilt when it's cold outside

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  1. I love the watercolour look of these. It feels as if that could become very addicting....