Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meditation in the gardens

Yesterday after dinner I picked up the camera and headed outside. I pulled a few weeds along the way, deadheaded the pansies and lupines, watered the potted plants. But mostly I was there just to find inspiration. To look and the gardens in a different way. To SEE the gardens. I have spent too much time lately reading books that encourage you to create an inspiration journal. To find things that please you on some level. And to be "in the moment". And I suppose this was a result of all that. But what joy I found! This butterfly was a brown shape on the rocks. I stopped and looked because I thought how odd that leaf is sticking up like that. But then he opened his wings for me! Clearly he's been in a battle of some sort, but he survived!

The moss that grows in the shaded ares fascinates me. I can't begin to say why.

This is Lady's Mantle. People would think it's my favorite plant since I have it everywhere. In truth it spreads quickly and makes a nice border in the garden, so I plant it where ever there's a space. (want some???)

The whole collection of pictures is here (assuming the link works this time!), but this one is a surprise even to me. It's the bud of a purple cone flower! Isn't that texture fabulous????

I am grateful for:
Getting close to being done with my "spider quilt"
Lazy summer days- they are SO rare!
A dress that doesn't need to be ironed
Really bad movies (you can't beat this one!)
Good music at Pandora

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