Thursday, September 23, 2010

More mental meanderings

Yes, I admit it, I'm a tv junkie! I get a lot of handwork done when there's something on worth watching. I know one thing- I sure do miss summer reruns!!! The big news is that the new TV season has arrived at long last- with REAL shows!!! So far I am happy to report that the Monday shows are quite tolerable, especially "Hawaii Five-O!" I'm not sure about "The Event" yet. I want to like it, but the first episode was more like a movie trailer than a tv show. Hopefully they settle down soon. Last night I tried out "The Defenders". If you liked Boston Legal, you may like this one! And, of course, the good shows from last year are back0 which is like getting together with an old friend! Tonight is Grey's Anatomy and Fringe- on at the same time of course, but I manage with the help of hulu!
The hectic pace of last week is a distant memory now, since I have been able to spend some time int he sewing room. As always, we enjoyed going to see Jake play football. (above) The really nice part was the game was on Saturday last week, when the temperature was a comfortable (for the spectators) 75 degrees, rather than the 50 and rain they had the night before! Jake is number 50. Hard to get good pictures, but I keep trying. Poor kid plays his heart out at three or four positions and they are losing badly every week.

In the sewing room, I haven't really done alot, but I have managed to get a couple of things finished. Remember the knitted leaves? Here is what I did with them. The jacket was nice enough, but very blah. I thought the leaves would add just the right amount of pizzazz. I cut off my head in the picture because it was a "stay at home" day- no makeup. It's not vanity that prevents me from showing my face, it's a public service.

I made a baby quilt for a friend's daughter in Feb of 09 and had a few "bonus" blocks. I put them together into this little quilt, figuring if nothing else I could donate it. My work study from last semester is expecting a baby girl in a couple of weeks (that wording makes it sound like the baby will come via UPS!). So all I had to do was get it quilted and bound! It's like cheating! Once again inspired by Leah Day, I did sort of big flowers in the centers of eacg block and then a sort of leafy vine around the edge. If you've never tried the "supreme slider" when you machine quilt, Please do! You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Old business:
The bag I made for Claudia was very well recieved. She thanked me profusely and then said:
"If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evning sky would be in the palm of my hand!" Isn't that the sweetest thing you have ever heard????

I'm still working on the second blue sock, so hope to have pictures to show the WIP soon.

I'm grateful for:
Dear, sweet friends
Something to show for my time
Soup weather
My car is officially mine now!

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