Thursday, September 30, 2010

Something new and something sort of old

This is our new boarder. I discovered him "squatting" in the old enamel tub we collect rainwater in for gardening. Except for the driest parts of the summer, there is always water in it. Apparently this froggy thinks he found himself a private pond where all the skeeters are for him and him alone! Little does he know the "pond will soon have to be drained. Maybe he's a she and she'll come back in the spring to make a home for some little froggies??? Wouldn't that be fun!!! I believe this is called a Northern Green Frog, by the way.

Last weekend, a busload of Guild members headed up (or down?) to the Chautauqua Institute's Quilting Around Chautauqua event. I hadn't been before and was under the impression it was more or less a quilt show. Not so- it's kind of a regional quilt show and vendor mart. I don't know how many vendors there were. I was there to see the quilts, to be honest, and was glad when I finally found the rooms where they were hanging. They weren't labeled well and there were no programs, so I cannot credit makers or patterns. I have posted a few of my favorites at snapfish.
Kathi was taking a picture of the quilt on the railing here and in true Best friends fashion, MaryLee and I got in the picture doing our best Kilroy impressions!

This is the something sort of old. I pieced this quilt in 2007 or 2008 using mostly bits and pieces I pulled out of the "orphan blocks" box. It felt like I was digging through the old quilts graveyard, so I called this project "Frankenstein's Monster" It's hand quilted. This is in the upstairs hallway- which I call my quilt gallery. In just a few days it will be hanging in the quilt show!!!!

I am grateful for:
Sewing time!
Spending a great day with friends.
Fewer hot flashes!
Fall colors.
A new project to play with.(coming soon)

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