Thursday, September 9, 2010

We just got here.

Carly Simon sings a song about the end of summer, saying "we just got here". That's how it feels here suddenly. Don't get me wrong- it has been a long and rather brutal summer by my standards. I don't do heat well- don't enjoy it at all. For me, anything above 80 degrees is TFH (too "Damned" hot)! But putting away the hammock the other day was a bit sad. When the rare perfect day comes long, there is nothing like laying in the hammock under a shady tree ( which I finally have at my house!) with a cold drink!

There are other signs of Fall, of course. And not all are to be dreaded. The brilliance and abundance of the colors is one of my favorite things about living in a climate with four seasons.

I'm a bit stuck on the goldenrod and aster thing, I guess. I did some more painting with them in mind. They'll look better when I cut them up, right?

It feels like the last week flew by. I know I was busy but I can't tell you what I was doing, and I certainly have little to show for it. One thing I did finish was my "discovery sock" from Cat Bordhi's book _Personal Footprints_.
It's a very interesting process. You knit a foot, based on a tracing of your own foot. It's a tube, no openings. You cut that open and knit the leg to the foot. Last thing is to close the hole in the heel- otherwise you have on hobo socks!

I'm not sure I'll get to go to the high school football game this weekend. I guess I'll have to settle for watching the Bills instead.

I'm grateful for:
A cold night for sleeping under a quilt.
A quick chat with Guy.
Peanut butter brownies with chocolate chips.
Good news for Lucas!

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