Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another quiet- and very cold!- week

 Jack Frost did some fancy painting on my living room windows the other day!  I would love to figure out how to make this into a quilt, but fear my skills haven't reached this point yet.  meanwhile, I can be inspired by nature's glory!

 On Tuesday, the art group met.  Kathi had a project for us to play with.  She is testing this out for a retreat she is attending this coming spring.  We were the Guinea pigs.  It was fun!!!!
This is Kathi's Piece.  You can see more of hers here.

  Basically, you start with a piece of fabric with  mottled colors, like a batik or a hand dye.  This piece was a gift from my friend Debbie.  It came from South Africa, where Debbie used to live.

We ironed fusible to it and cut it into little squares.  These are sorted by color.

They are then arranged in any way you like- by color or patterns you find or just whatever strikes you when you start looking at them.  It isn't supposed to be anything- which is very hard for a left brained person!!!  This is my fused squares.  Now I can play with it any way I like!  I see a sort of sunset in this.

  I have more squares and can see myself doing this again with other fabrics as well!!  Thanks, Kathi!

You can see the rest of the "class" at the artcgirlz blog!

I am grateful for:
Friends who inspire and challenge me!
Chocolate, everyday!
A hubby who gets up early and runs the snow blower for me.
The occasional full night of sleep.
Lowered expectations

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  1. Like...Like...LIKE! It reminds me of a beach with the ocean reflecting the sunset. Not that I've ever seen a beach reflecting the sunset, living in a land-lock, fly-over state, but I have seen a sunset and I have been to the beach, so I'm going with it...

    PS... you know where my address is when it's finished and signed. <3 U~