Thursday, February 3, 2011

A quiet week and labeling quilts

I've been busy preparing for the Guild's "Challenge" the past week.  It was my job to be sure everything was ready to set up the display this week.  This is the fourth one of these I've done, so it should be automatic, right?  I wish!
I discovered there are definite advantages to being slightly anal, though.  I make list of lists, you see, anytime I have a job like this to do.  I checked things off, then checked the other lists!  (I still managed to lose the numbers, but we improvised.)  All of that helped me be ready two days in advance when it became a very real possibility the "Groundhog Day Storm" would force us to cancel the set up. I called the gallery, found out it was available immediately, called my committee- and they were also available immediately!- packed the car, and a few hours later, it was done!  Like Boy Scouts say: Be Prepared!
If you've gone and looked at the Guild's blog, you've seen the great variety of work!  You may also have seen I won First Place for the piece I called "Grasshopper Pie".  That was a nice surprise.   I know I've showed this piece, but I don't think I've ever shown the close  ups of the quilting.  I believe that was what set this piece apart from the rest, to be honest. ( and a bit immodest).
The weekend ahead will begin with putting labels on some of my older pieces.  I often rush samples right over to the quilt shop and forget to label them until I get them back. I have discovered three of them recently that need labels.  One of them is going to be a baby gift for my niece's new baby boy- due sometime this month.  I'll have to leave a space for his name and date of birth.  I share this as a reminder to label your quilts.  Here is one of mine.    On gifts, I also include washing instructions.

I am grateful for:
The prospect of a really exciting game this weekend! (Go Steelers!)
The storm that wasn't.
Sharing a good laugh with my hubby.
Getting good sleep.
The luxury of time spent reading.

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