Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Calendar quilts again

I managed to get the October calendar quilt finished yesterday- the first of the month.  I am hanging these in my office.  So anyone who pays attention was disappointed.  Since I'm not in on Mondays anyway, hopefully I can be excused.  These are really cute quilts and I've always wanted a quilt for every month of the year.  But these are not the fun easy afternoon's sewing of the calendar series I did last year!  Each of these is around 20 x 28, with pieced backgrounds, machine applique- and the accompanying satin stitching- plus the quilting.  The fact that they are meant to be scrappy makes fabric selection a day's work on its own!  So the novelty wore off for this project around June.  I am SO glad I only have two left to do.  IF I do a calendar series next year - and somebody slap me if I buy another series of patterns!- they will be coasters or those hexagon mats using seasonal prints!
This one has a set of charm squares  I bought several years ago in the background and border.  The rest of this pack may find their way into the November quilt- already in progress on the design wall!

Otherwise, I haven't done much sewing. I've been spending time in a really good book, Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World. It is the first in a series from Martha Sielman, who also put together the "Masters" art quilts books.  The next one is portraits and is already available for pre-order.  It will feature Kathy Nida , whose blog is one of my favorites (link to the right)

Here's a Green Tip I hadn't thought of before.  How many times do you go out to eat at a place where you know you'll be bringing home leftovers?  It happens to me a lot.  It never occurs to me to bring a container to use for the "bonus meal"- until now!  You may be a bit embarrassed the first time, but not only are you saving the planet just a little, but you're saving the restaurant some money.  So be proud of yourself!

I am grateful for:
Quality family time
The last sunny days of summer to enjoy.
A kitty curled in my lap.
Good days for baking
Sleeping in on a chilly morning.

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