Monday, October 15, 2012

What I've been doing instead of sewing and a quilt show preview

 These are my newest foster children.  They are all boys and very hard to tell apart.  I gave them all names that rhyme with black- Jack, Mack Zack and Max.  I actually call Mack "Sirius Black"- after the Harry Potter character. He is always escaping from the "nursery".  Sirius is the one with the shortest tail.
 They are perhaps the most affectionate kittens I've had.  They aren't happy unless they are climbing all over me, pushing in front of each other to be cuddled.
 This is my step-grandson, Jake.  He is in basic training right now.  We are all very proud of him!
This was taken at the going away party his parents had  for him last weekend.

This weekend we dug post holes for the lean-to in back of the new garage.  The apparatus behind me is a power auger.  It works great until it hits one of the many rocks inhabiting the lower levels of the ground around our house.  The rocks to the left (below) are the ones Al has already dug out of some of the holes. 

 Here are a few of the pieces I have entered in the Museum Quilt Guild's "Stitches in Time 2012"

There are over 200 pieces entered this year. I'm excited, as always now that show time has arrived!  Even though I have seen many of the pieces at show and tell, I am still amazed and awestruck at the talent on display at these shows!

These are a few of the pieces I am selling at the Guild Boutique- where members sell handmade items.  I always buy more than I sell!

Sorry as always about the spacing.  I can never get things to go where I want therm.

It's fall- and the leaves are suddenly dropping from the trees.  This year, mow them and leave them to nourish your lawn rather than raking them to the curb and sending them to the landfill!  Sorry if this one's a rerun, but if I get just one more person to do it every year, I'm happy to repeat myself!

I am grateful for:
Having time to enjoy being mauled by kittens.
A warm day to get outside and pick up the toys from the garden.
Good football games- even when I didn't care who won!
A good joke to share.
My machine and I are getting along very well today.

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