Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doing what little I can to help

 As usual I am having trouble getting the pictures where I want them.  Sorry in advance- again.

I made the trip to BCCR on a gorgeous sunny Monday to take these quilts up for their "Pals packs".  The two with red blue and yellow were made by a friend.  I made the others, mostly when I was teaching scrap therapy.  In my online groups, we call them "Jennie quilts".  We lost our dear Jennie to this dread disease in 2008.  She loved bright colors, so I always try to use them in my donations.

I made a couple of sweet hats for a friend.  The mannequins in the PSG classroom didn't mind modeling them for me.

My babies are growing quickly!  Their eyes are turning yellow and they are getting their grown up fur.  Wasn't it nice of them to pose for me?  I surprised them- other wise they are moving too fast to get pictures these days.  It's SO hard to tell them apart, but I think from left to right is: Morgan . Bean, Mouse (lower right) and Robin

I am nearing the end of my "One Zentangle a Day" journey at last.  At the beginning of the last section of the book, one exercise is to choose some of your tiles and frame them.  I found a frame made for old LP album covers that seemed perfect for them.  Mine are nowhere near as good as the ones at "Tangled up in Art", where I have been following others' work from the book.  But they are good enough that I enjoy looking at them and reminding myself I do have some artistic talent.
 The one in the center is called  "zendala".  The Zentangle inspired art form is addicting!

This one was made with a template (sort of) from the book.  It's not easy to draw them on y our own if you aren't good with protractors and compasses. 

However,  I found a site with challenges that include the template for tangling!  I could spend days just looking at the pictures of how others filled the templates!

The "green tip" this week is a new resource ( to me) with information if you are planning to remodel in your home.  The National Association of the Remodeling Industry website has plenty of information on what to look for, and ways to make your home more Earth friendly!

I am grateful for:
The fact that more people weren't killed in Boston on Monday and the first responders and bystanders who saved lives
A gorgeous sunny day
The green appearing everywhere outside- there is color in the world again after months of grey!
The relief of laughter even when it isn't really funny
A visit with Lucas and his family

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  1. Your Zentangles are awesome. You should have them printed on fabric!