Monday, April 22, 2013

Landscape fiber collage class

Last Saturday at the guild meeting, we enjoyed a visit with Sharon Bottle Souva.  (She has a website, but it is being rebuilt because of hackers.  GRRR!)                 She is a very talented quilter and fiber artist, and a lot of fun to spend time with!  She did a great trunk show and shared some of her journal writings and poems with us.  This is one of my favorite of her pieces. I forget the title of it.

After the meeting, a small group of us took her landscape collage class.   It's a no sew project, and we were able to try some fun techniques I would not  otherwise have ever done.  For example, the background of this piece is a painted dryer sheet!  And most of the elements are made with art tissue!  It's just like the tissue paper we use in gift bags, except this is made so that when you get it wet, the ink runs and makes wonderful patterns and mixtures of color.
 This is my inspiration photo.  I took this at Glacier national Park in 2010, when we made our road trip to Portland with Guy.  This spot is near where you can see the continental divide, so that's what I titled the collage.

Here is a not so great picture of everyone else's collage.  Tracy's Letchworth Park (upper left) and Jeri's sunset were the class favorites!

I hear we may have Sharon back to do the quilted landscape class.  Sign me up!

My "Green" thought this week is about making small changes a habit.  I see so many events at the college where people leave behind items that are easily recyclable, even if there are recycle bins nearby.  It's all just changing our habits and mind-sets!  So easy! 
I would also ask that you write a letter.  I have no specific person or business in mind.  But if you are aware of an issue, let someone know.  For example, does a certain store automatically give you 5 coupons  that you know you won't use every visit?  That's a waste of resources.  Write to them asking them to offer a way to opt out.  It may not make an immediate difference.  But if no one speaks up, no one is aware of a problem!  I still say complacency is the biggest threat to society!!

I am grateful for:
The opportunity to try new things.
Spending time with creative people.
Being thought of as someone who can handle things on my own. ( I hope I can!)
It's not windy today!
Cookies in a mug.

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  1. Wish I could have taken this class. I have always liked Sharon's work!!!! I definitely would take her quilted landscape class too!