Monday, April 29, 2013

No time to sew.

 Between one thing and another last week, I barely had time to go in and look at what's in my studio, much less do any sewing.  The good news is gardening weather has finally arrived!  I have only a slight sunburn, broken nails and achy back and knees to show for the weekend!

I have taken an a new responsibility at the shelter.  I've been going in to help one day a week.  Now I'm sort of the shift supervisor on that day.  Scary, but also fun, since I get to play with all the kitties.  This pretty girl was visiting last week, on her way to a foster home with the babies.  How many do you see?  There are 5!

One of the "fun" things I do while I'm there is laundry. This blanket was in the load I folded when I got there.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Wouldn't those colors make a fabulous quilt?  Maybe in Ann Brauer's style!!!
I once saw a quilter lecture who said as long as you do something using your creative energy every day, that's enough.  So I guess I'll have to be satisfied to be inspired by a ratty old blanket!

My own foster kittens are doing fine without Momma.  (she went to be a wet nurse for other kittens).  Robin suffered a bit of separation anxiety for a couple days.  He fell behind his brothers, but it looks like he's trying to make up for it now!
  They will be big enough to be neutered soon, so I only have another week or two with them.  If you know anyone who wants a kitten......

My green thought this week is to use as few pesticides and other chemicals as possible on your gardens.  There are alternatives for many of them. I myself am vowing to do the edging the hard way rather than using roundup.   For pest control, here is a list of natural alternatives to try.

I am grateful for:
Perfect SPRING days!
Opening the windows to enjoy the fresh air.
Listening to the birds sing and battle for nesting sites.
Cuddling kittens.
Macaroni salad!

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  1. I believe that very same thing...even thinking creatively is part of being engaged.
    What you are doing for these kittens and cats is immmeasurable.