Monday, November 11, 2013

A quick update on the copyright saga- and kittens!

 This beautiful cat came in to the shelter last week during my shift.  She is almost exactly what I pictured in my head when I was looking for a cat last year. (Before I met George!)  I mentioned to the "dear" husband how happy I would be if I could have another cat- since the perfect one is available.  But- as he has done for years- he told me I could have a new cat if I get rid of the old one.

The big meanie!!!

Meanwhile, I still have 8 kittens, who have outgrown their room, so I am really hoping to get some of them moved out this week.  Here is a glimpse of what happens every time I go in to take care of them.

You may think, Aww, how cute!  But when one is trying to empty three litter pans, and clean the floor and three or four kittens decide to jump on one's back and head, one is climbing up your leg, then the one on your head starts pulling your hair; it can become moderately annoying. 
 Yes, I'm sitting on the toilet to cuddle them.  It's the guest bathroom, so the potty is the only seat available.

So- about an hour after I posted last time, I got an email from the Sendak contact at Harper Collins.  She complemented my work and my talent rather sincerely.  However, after all these months, it turns out that Warner Brothers owns all the rights other than reprinting parts of the published book, as part of the agreement when they made the movie.  So IF I can find out who I would ask for permission at Warner Brothers, and IF they even understand what I am asking, and IF they agree that as long as I do not intend to use my work for financial gain.......
I thanked the woman at Harper Collins, but told her:
"I will look into who to contact at Warner Brothers, although I have to say at this point I am put off by the whole process.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but not when it comes to copyright laws, I guess."
 I still have a really nice quilt. If you come visit, I'll show it to you!

I am feeling very saddened by the devastation caused by the typhoon in Southeast Asia.  I will admit, though, that it occurred to me that climate scientists have been warning of the likelihood of stronger, more violent storms for years and years.  And nothing is changing.  I feel like the Lorax most days.  "Nobody listens too much, don't you know"

I am grateful for:
A joyous reunion with a dear friend on her happiest day
Warm feet
My hubby puts up with my crazy and takes care of me.
Six months before I have to go to the dentist again.
My fellow crazy cat ladies

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