Thursday, June 5, 2014

Look for me in the garden!

 Late may to early June is my favorite time to be in the garden.  Seeing everything turn green, or re-emerge, then all the fabulous blooms re-energizes me. I have my enthusiasm for gardening again.  I got off to a slow start, partly due to the weather of course, but also because I am always fighting a losing battle with the weeds and this year seemed worse than ever before.

  This spot in the perennial garden gives me such a feeling of serenity.  It's my happy place!
Ignore the weeds still living here.  The garden angel used to be taller but her stick broke.

My beloved Lupines are blossoming.  I lost a couple to the brutal winter, but there are lots of babies who I hope will make it through to next year. (they don't blossom the first year)

 The first Columbine blossoms.  Apparently those baby spiders were here....

...And speaking of baby spiders, I found another new hatch on this Salvia plant.  If any of them hang around long enough, I'll try to get a picture when they get bigger.  I can't remember if they are the crab spiders, or a kind of orb weaver.  Stay tuned.

These irises just showed up one year in the wild part of the area around the garden. I fear they may be this invasive species.  But they are so pretty!

This is a form of sedum, I believe.  But it behaves differently than most.  Rather than just spreading out to form a nice ground cover, it self seeds, making lots of little plants.  They blossom earlier, too.

Such pretty little flowers!

Oh, yeah- remember the "alien plant life"? 
The blossoms finally opened up so I could get a picture.

It has taken me forever to get this post finished to this point, so I will save the other part of the garden story for next time.

My green thought is to leave the grass clippings where they fall.  They improve your soil over time!

I am grateful for:
Wine O'clock
My aunt's doctors and nurses are all very patient with my questions
I have flowers on my desk- picked from the garden!
Air conditioning
New kittens to cuddle!!

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