Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yup, I'm still here....

I've been slacking off on the blog this year, I guess.  I just haven't had much to show for my time this year. 

The past few weeks have been pretty busy as well, now that gardening weather and kitten season have arrived.  

I delivered all of the newborn diapers to Cait yesterday.  Kind of last minute, since Jonathan is due in 13 days. (and the doctor said it can be anytime now)  So hopefully she is set for a while.  I will begin making some bigger ones soon.  Many times I have lamented the effort I have put into this project.  But the diapers are adorable, in spite of the aggravation.  And how many babies have this on their bums? (appropriate for the parents!)
I wanted to do a post last week honoring my aunt, who passed away.  I haven't taken the time to find good pictures yet.  Soon.

Meanwhile, I hope those of you who stop in are enjoying the spring weather now that it has arrived.  It's my favorite time of year; warm, but not humid and oppressive, the birds are singing, and at night I can hear the peepers chirping, and spring blossoms.  The magnolias and cherry trees are in bloom, and are full and beautiful this year!
I'll try to get back on track soon. Maybe I'll take a page from other bloggers and just show work in progress.

The ground ivy has crept back to the edges of the gardens so I am going to have to try to eradicate what I can.  (I think this is another pernicious invader carried here by early settlers, like dandelions).  I have a nice sprayer I fill with cider vinegar and a bit of dish soap to use as a weed killer.  It is not as effective or long lasting as the chemical weed killers, so I will have to get into the habit if doing it every few weeks.  But- as we are all learning a bit too late- the chemicals are killing way more than the weeds!  (Sorry for all the links.  I couldn't find the article I read with all of this in one place)

I am grateful for:
The people who truly care.
Sitting on the deck with my afternoon wine, listening to the Orioles sing.
A break from diaper sewing.
The spasms in my back (from doing an ill-advised cartwheel) only lasted three days.
Healthy (so far) kittens.

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