Friday, December 11, 2015

The fish is finished!!!

First, I'm going to comment on the weather.  This morning, the view was out the classroom window was pretty spectacular.  The ground isn't frozen yet, which probably has something to do with the mist?? (Earth Science was a loooooong time ago!) 

  Yesterday I had to wait a few minutes outside the shelter.  I didn't even have a jacket on, just a light shirt.  It was gorgeous.  I wanted to be home, pulling weeds.
 A few days ago, we had a pretty heavy frost.  I love how it melts only where the sun hits it!

Ok, so here it is at last- the fish quilt.   I call it Jewel of the Reef. 
If you recall, the background was based on a picture similar to this. I imagine a diver minding his own business, when this elegant lady swims by in a hurry to catch up with the rest of the school.

 Her eye is a piece of jewelry that came from my mother-in-law's collection.  I never wear them, but I keep them around for just this kind of purpose.
 Her tail is two layers of organza with a layer of sparkle netting in between, using misty fuse to hold it in place.  I couched a wonderful (Wonderfil!) thread along the edge, and to define the lobes. The edges of the pectoral fins are serged to make them ruffly.  You can't see how sparkly she is in this picture.

I spent quite a bit of time in the sewing room last week, and managed to get one gift finished!
Cait calls Jonathan "Froggy", so I made him a froggy stocking for his first Christmas.

There was an article in today's paper about the possible effects on local climate of more carbon in the atmosphere and warmer temperatures.  One scary one was that poison ivy loves CO2.  I don't know about you, but I feel there is enough of that stuff around here as it is!!  I don't mean to make light, but it points out the many small things we can't possibly think about, that could be a result of the people (not mentioning names, Ted Cruz) who want to deny there IS climate change- and do nothing to stop it- because it might cut into the billion dollar profits of their donors!!!

I am grateful for:
A day with Jonathan last weekend.
Time to sew
Not having to shovel snow
Laughing until it hurts rather than spend all my time bitching about it
Christmas cookies. (Moo!)