Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Gift for Mom

 When Kiara and I went to see "The Good Dinosaur"  a few weeks ago, I asked her what she was giving mommy for Christmas.  She said her mom had told her you can't wrap a card or a drawing.  I disagreed.  So when we got home, I told her to draw the picture she wanted to give mommy and we'd figure it out.  I had originally though of putting it in a nice frame. Then I remembered the sharpie marker transfer technique!

Our time was limited, so I told her not to color the picture until I could make copies of it.  Then she colored one of the copies. 

After she went home, I transferred two versions of it to fabric- one using the colors sh had colored with, and one black and white that she could color if she wanted. She liked the colored outline one.

I dug out some Christmas fabrics for her to choose for a frame on the picture. She chose a fun lime green tree print.  (I did not encourage her choice, but I did agree with it.  :-)

Here she is at the machine, sewing the borders on all by herself.  She can't reach the pedals, so she uses the buttons and we set the speed to just above turtle.  She sews good and straight for her age.

I helped with the layering and turning it right side out- we did the pillowcase finish.  She did the straight line quilting around the frame herself, too!  
 I'm teaching her right from the start to make sure she signs her work!

And here it is all finished and ready to wrap and put under the tree! (see her signature at the bottom?)
 It says Merry Christmas on the back. 
 Mommy just loved it- and was looking for a special place to hang it!

My last minute sewing included a beanbag frog for Jonathan.

And I made a stocking to hang at our house for him.  However, his mom decided she liked the knitted one better.  (than the frog one I finished a week or two ago)

I think Jonathan likes it too. 

I'm enjoying being a Grandma/ Oma!

I am grateful for:
Kiara likes to sew
A relaxed holiday
The new Star Wars movie is really really good.
I've had a little more sewing time, so I might get my challenge entry (-ies) done in time!

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