Thursday, January 7, 2016

I didn't think I had done much in 2015

As you know, I like to look back at the end of the year and take stock of my projects.  I have been calling this my year of not sewing, but apparently I haven't been paying attention, because when I added them all up, I had 94 completed items this year.  That's a pretty good total.  It breaks down like this:
I must never have posted a picture of this after quilting???

Bed: 3
Wall: 6
Accessories: 3 (purses, etc)


Garments: 13 total (for me, Kiara and Jonathan)
Toys: 4
Blankies: 3
Burpees: 3
Diapers: 32 (Obviously this upped the total greatly!)


Socks: 3 pairs adult, 5 pairs for baby
Hats: 5, all children/ baby
Kitty blankets: 2
Monster burpee and washcloth


So tiny he never wore them
3 dragons
9 Christmas trees for the guild party
I also laid out blocks for two group quilts that I did not sew. But picking them out and arranging them takes time!
(For those playing the home game, this doesn't add up.  I may have counted something twice here. Math was never my strong point.) 

Oh, and I fostered 26 or 27 cats and kittens this year.  ( I should got back and add it up to see if I'm over 100 yet)
The one on the left in this picture never left.  That's called "foster failure."

For 2016, regardless of what else gets done, I am hoping to finish one UFO per month.  I should have made a list.  Maybe I'll do that next time so I can be accountable to someone. :-)

 I am grateful for:
The ban on microbeads  (which should be effective immediately, and require those who made them to pay for the clean up, but I digress)
The beautiful sky this morning!
Long weekends
The people at work who brighten my days.
Music, always!

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  1. What a great year Martha! You do a great variety of things! I especially love the one of a kind monster burpee and washcloth and the frog hat! I'm looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings!