Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Coloring is so much fun!

Yes, I jumped right into the coloring craze as soon as I saw Johanna Basford's first book!  I have often printed out children's coloring pages in the past so I could sit down with Kiara and color along!  And my boss just loves to find me coloring something to put on the bulletin board (we don't have a color printer in our office!)  I used to make cards and coloring in rubber stamps always made me happy.   Now this is not meant to make me sound like I was out in front of the trend, just that I have always loved to color!


Most recently I have been working on the Secret Garden calendar. I didn't get it until mid-December.  So I knew it wouldn't be ready to hang on New Year's day. (besides, I don't want there to be writing of doctors appointments and reminders to put flea meds on the cats all over my masterpieces!)  I have colored through March, though, and am having a blast doing it. 


The other day I got to spend a few hours with my favorite man in the whole world, my grandson!  He is 7 months old now, and will be walking before any of us is ready! (just like his daddy who has always been in a big hurry!)

Isn't he gorgeous!

Have you heard much about the methane leak in California?  No?  No one has, apparently.  And yet this rivals the BP spill in the gulf in terms of environmental damage!!  This BBC article gives us ways to measure the damage.  These fossil fuel companies just don't care!

I am grateful for:
Today is the first bad weather we have had for this season so far.  Not bad for western New York!
My challenge quilt may not be perfect, but it's finished (Or will be by Saturday)
My boss has been much less contentious the past couple of weeks.
Getting to the end of my "have to do" sewing (for now)

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  1. Your little man is wonderful, I know from my own heart. I finally have my own colouring book. I have given them away as gifts but never bought my own.... since I was 14.
    Time to colour....time to sew...time for wine and chocolate... too bad I owe time to work as well.....
    Happy New Year...I hope to find more time for fun procrasternetting... with friends