Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A quick trip!

So I'm a couple of weeks behind yet again (shocking, right?) 

In this post, I'll share a trip I took over Easter weekend.  I went to Houston for a family event. If you've known me for any length of time, you know there was a time I said if I can't drive there, I'm not going.  Then Guy moved to Portland.  So I had to overcome my anxieties so I could go see him.  And now, here I am making a really quick trip to Houston!  (Down Friday, wedding Saturday, home Sunday. )
I always get a window seat, and I love the views!  Guessing where you are can be fun.
It was cloudy over Buffalo- and most of the first leg of the trip.

I've never seen a jet trail from this angle before.

Some art work inside the Atlanta airport

 The Atlanta airport is HUGE, as if you couldn't guess that.  To get from one concourse to the next quickly, you ride a very long escalator down to a subway train!

 I don't know if that is a small river twisting along there, but white on the curves intrigued me.

So that's the Mississippi river!

Look how green it is around Houston!

A great idea- no making the tall people fold themselves in half!

So, I'm not sure I've ever mentioned that on my bucket list is to visit all 32 NFL stadiums.  So we drove into the city so I could see NRG Park, where the Texans play. 
 But for some reason, the guard at the entrance says they do not allow photographs to be taken of the outside of the stadium.  He was funny- he didn't know why, just that he couldn't let me stand in the driveway and have my picture taken with the stadium behind me. 

So we went across the street and sat in the parking lot of a hotel or something and I took a picture.  The dome on the right is the Astrodome, which no one quite knows what to do with.  

We also drove by where the Astros play. 

In Houston, the gardens are filled with Amaryllis, like we have daffodils or tulips!

In front of my hotel, a Bottlebrush tree was in bloom. 

It was a very small and simple wedding

At the Japanese garden in Hermann Park.

And the next day I was on my way back home!
That's the Gulf of Mexico!

And maybe the mouth of the Mississippi

 I realized coming into Atlanta that I could see Mercedes Benz Stadium, where the Falcons play.  Not quite what I had in mind, but I've at least seen it. 

I had a long layover in Atlanta on the way home, so I took the scenic route to my gate.  This section of the tunnel is meant to feel like a rain forest.  It has forest sounds, and lights that look like rain falling on the floor. 

There is also a hall of the history of Atlanta, which is very cool.  Who knew there was a Marthasville?

 The planes come and go at a very fast pace in Atlanta.  No, they weren't using the same runway!

Someday I'll go back to Houston when I can stay a while.  Maybe in October for IQF

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