Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cleaning the floor - and the planet, sort of

I have a "Swiffer" Wet Jet for cleaning the bare floors (wood and linoleum)  But, past the original pads that came with it, I do not use the "swiffer" pads.  I may have mentioned in the past that I became an environmentalist  because it saves money.  I refused to pay money for things I was just going to throw away whenever possible: paper plates, napkins, towels, etc.  So the first thing I did when I got the wet jet was to find a way to make pads I could wash and reuse.  I have been using these, made from cloth diapers until recently.  

Those were wearing out and I keep forgetting to buy more diapers.  Then I ran across a piece of flannel I had been using as a dust rag and the light went on.  So I went to the remnant bin at JOann's and got this really ugly piece of flannel- just over a quarter year.  The pads are 4 1/2 by 10 inches, so that's perfect!  Here's how:
Fold a 9 x WOF piece as shown, first lengthwise, folding the edges to the center.
Then fold the ends to the center again and then in half to get a pad approximately 4 1/2 by 10. 

Sew the loop (soft) side of the velcro one inch in from the long edges. 
Folding as shown makes a pad with several edges, which hasn't seemed to affect the performance. However, I have refolded the next ones, to make a smooth edge (the lower pad in this photo), which may decrease wear on the edges.  I'll let you know.  I'm also looking into a way to make one side rougher for scrubbing sticky spots.  
If you don't want to make them, but would like to try one, I'll be making more to sell.  I haven't set the price, but if you're interested let me know!

When  you go out to eat, do you automatically take the straw when you get your water or soda?  I am making a very concerted effort to remember to say "no straw" when I'm out , keeping in mind the environmental damage.  (Print the cards offered and leave them at your tables!If we stop using them, the restaurants will be happy to save their money on them (I hope) and stop giving them to everyone.  Even McDonald's is moving away from them (In the UK at least!) Small steps can make a big difference!

I am grateful for:
The rare nights I get good sleep.
The bits of sewing time I can squeeze in lately.
My family, near and far.
My daily glass of wine.
People who will not let stupid decisions on high to stop them from doing what's right.

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