Friday, May 22, 2015

Babies and Monsters

Well, my grandson is keeping us all waiting.  (He was "due" Wednesday; today is Friday)
It gave me a bit of time to finish one more little goody for him.  Well, for his mom at first.  I found this free pattern by Rebecca Danger at the Martingale Publishing website.

I learned something I have wanted to try making this- the "Magic loop" method of knitting in the round.  I can't wait to try it on my next pair of socks now!

Isn't he adorable???  Not only will it make a great burp cloth, since it's made from dishcloth cotton, but when mom no longer needs it, it can be a drag around toy for the baby to play with.  Maybe even his favorite cuddle buddy. 

I found some monster stuffies I'll probably knit for him, too. 

WARNING- if you are arachnophobic, stop here!
(you've been warned)

Except for the baby I am waiting for, I seem to be surrounded by babies.  There is a nest of baby bunnies just outside the back door- in a spot where I was weeding just 2 days before I found the babies! 

Then when I got home from work today I noticed a funny spot near the door on the deck.  I looked down to discover a hatch of baby spiders.  Here is the best part- I think they are the same kind of spider that inspired my "Princess Argiope" quilt!  (which I just found on a board on pinterest - VERY cool!!!)

Here is some good news for everyone who - well, everyone!!!
It would seem the voices of those crying out for more efforts to reduce the effect humans are having on the planet are being heard at last.  We CAN make a difference!

I am grateful for:
I found a place to recycle my box board.
On Demand TV
A new (to me) Ben and Jerry flavor with peanut butter fudge filling
Enjoying baseball again thanks to Amy.
The magic of my favorite time of year when there are flowers everywhere!


  1. That little grandson is making you wait and that is not easy! I am not sure I would be so happy to see that spider nest . . . but glad for you! :-)