Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just plain scary!

A couple of weeks ago, Kiara helped me bring home my first litter of foster kittens,  four very sweet little girls and their mom.  They were not quite 5 weeks old. 
I gave them all "M" names.

Marigold quickly set up camp on the tower.  Some kittens just need to be up.   She is the most playful.
Marigold's love of climbing and speed gave me a big scare this morning.  I heard a thump and then a strange cry, so I went to see what happened, and found her on the floor having a seizure!!!  It only lasted a minute or so.  When it was over, she was a bit dazed for a few minutes but quickly began to interact with her sisters and behave normally.   I still had her checked out at the vet, who said he didn't see any signs of permanent damage at this point.  Seeing her play tonight I would never have believed she had been laying on the floor in the state she was only 12 hours earlier!

Minnie is a cuddler

Michelle is the one who figures things out- finding fun everywhere.

Martha is clearly not like the others! 

Mom cat decided she was ready to be without kittens pretty fast and is currently looking for a home of her own. She's sweet, affectionate and playful!!

Since kitten season is here I will issue my annual reminder to help us reduce the population by having your own pets spayed and neutered.   If you know someone who cares for feral cats, tell them about Spay Our Strays.  There are also low cost options if needed.  Call the shelter if you or someone you know needs help.  We are already turning people away.  Many of the babies we can't take in will end up being dumped, dying of diseases or simply being euthanized at another shelter.   It's heartbreaking!

No baby yet. Hopefully we are only days away....

I am grateful for:
Marigold being ok.
Time with my wonderful quilting friends.
Lots of time in the gardens this weekend (pulling weeds.
34 years and counting.

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