Friday, May 8, 2015

Quiltaholics Anonymous

This morning a friend in what I call my "online guild" was saying she needs a 12 step program for quilters.  In my response to her, I created what I figured the steps would be for quilters ( since, really, who WANTS to give it up???)  Another member of the group suggested I post it on my blog for others to enjoy- and maybe start a "meeting" for the Quiltaholics in your area.

Step 1- Admit you are powerless over buying fabric and starting projects.
Step 2- Accept that you were born with this weakness and it is not a character flaw, but a sign of great creativity.
Step 3- Make a fearless inventory of all of the fabric and projects
Step 4- Confess your addiction in public.  (This is best done at a quilt guild meeting, where those to whom you confess will not be judgmental)
Step 5- Make a list of how this addiction has harmed you or those you love- and realize many have actually benefited from it.
Step 6- Express some of your biggest failings by participating in the "Show and Share" portion of the meeting.
Step 7- Explain how you were able to accomplish such nicely matched points; agree to prepare a demo for the other "addicts".
Step 8- Continue to inventory and realize you ran out of the right color thread to prepare your demo.
Step 9- Contact a fellow addict to share you are in need of her support to not give in to the temptations at the fabric store when you go for thread.
Step 10- Happily accept your friend's offer to drive you to the quilt shop to make sure you only buy thread.
Step 11- Arrive to find there is a fabulous sale on that wonderful collection of fabrics you admired the last time- AND they are doing a class!  You and your friend sign up.
Step 12- Carry the message of the sale and class back to your fellow addicts, and decide to have your next "meeting" there.

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